Sunless tanning solutions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an ingredient approved by the FDA, which reacts with the dead surface cells found in the outermost layer of the skin (amino acids); this then produces color change. Our solutions have instant bronzers so as soon as we apply it , its noticeable. Most of the added bronzer will come off in the first shower after your waiting time and the color that remains is produced by the DHA reacting with the skin. Naturally, the dead cells on your skin will wear off and its color gradually fades away, giving you a tan that is almost like a genuine sun tan without the harmful UV rays.

YES, we highly recommend coming in 2+ weeks prior to any event you are needing an airbrush tan for. Everybody's skin is different and some clients may need more or less than most to ensure they reach desired tone.

Our formula has been specially formulated to produce a balanced tan without the orange tint. The orange tint is often the result of excessive quantities of DHA being applied to the skin.

Because we use the HVLP (high volume low pressure) turbine spray gun, it will take approximately 15 minutes to apply. The drying time is less than that of airbrushing because of the reduction in overspray; you're in and out. You can even come by during your lunch break from work. Appointments are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Yes! A majority of our clients do, but few do choose not to. It won’t harm you, but if you have had a laser treatment or super sensitive skin we recommend you don’t. The only thing we ask is that you close your eyes and hold your breath while we do spray your face.

For optimal results, the skin should be clean and free from moisturizers, make-up, deodorants, and perfume. These chemicals can cause the solution not to perform as well. On the night prior to, or on the morning of the tanning session, the client should shower using mild, non-moisturizing gel soap. Exfoliate the skin with a NON-oil based exfoliant. Also use caution while conditioning your hair, making sure that conditioner does not get on your skin, as this could cause a barrier between the tanning solution and your skin.

1. Make sure to wear loose fitting clothing to your tanning session. Make sure there isn’t a tight band or elastic clenching to your body. DO NOT wear jeans. Wearing loose attire will ensure that the tan will not rub off or be disturbed. Flip flops and sandals are recommended, rather than socks and shoes.

2. During your tanning session, you may wear a bathing suit or undergarments. Disposables may be purchased from your technician as an alternative. Nude or topless tanning is allowed (must be over 18). Please be aware whatever you do keep on during your tanning session is where you will have tan lines.

Tan lines are OPTIONAL, refer to number 2 above. A Cosmopolitan Survey on airbrush tanning reported that females are 40% nude, 50% topless, and 10% wear bra and underwear (bathing suit) during an airbrush tan. Don’t be shy; our staff members are completely professional and all are female technicians. Your privacy is our top priority. We know how difficult it can be to show your imperfections, especially when it comes to your body. We take care to ensure we limit our traffic at our studio during your scheduled appointment.

Once your tan is completed, our airbrush tanning specialist will advise you on how to best maintain your tan. You can also look at our "Tan Tips" tab.

Moisturize! Use a high quality moisturizer made for post-tanning to keep skin supple and soft. Your skin is always rejuvenating itself by shedding old top layers to expose the new skin underneath. Dry skin sheds faster and takes your tan with it. Dry skin also reflects light rather than absorbing, which not only hinders your tanning process, but makes you look less tan than you actually are.

We use an all organic instant bronzing solution line that is made fresh upon ordering. We have a selection of 8 different tones that we customize to your skin tone and the look you are going for. And...we have the best airbrush techs!! :D

Every time your skin is exposed to UV rays, your chances of developing skin cancer increase. Each year, the rate of skin cancer grows, due to harmful UV exposure. It is estimated that 7,000 people die from skin cancer every year. According to WebMD, about 50,000 new cases of melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States yearly. Additionally, sun damage can cause wrinkles, spots, and burns. Airbrush tanning is pain free. It's easier to spend 15 minutes once a week instead of 20 minutes every other day in a tanning bed.

A typical airbrush tan last 7-10 days, so either once a week or longer. It's your decision. :)

Less than 1% of our clients has experienced a reaction (all minor), but if your skin is highly sensitive or you have any doubts we do FREE patch tests. You come in and we spray a small area and you monitor it over a couple days.